List of Home Care Service Providing Agencies in Hyderabad

SN Name


1 Gold Age Home Care Services


2 Cedera Healthcare


3 Heritage Hospital, Kamalapuri Colony, Hyderabad


4 Serene Services

66615573 / 66614745

5 Assisted Living Bedside Assistant  Kacheguda

9396520162 (Sunil)

6 Shantamma memorial Od Age Home  Musshirabad

9247416884 / 9396323099

7 Sai Old Age Home

9391036931 (Venkatesh Gupta)

8 Sri Nidi Medical Services Padmarao Nagar

65645095 / 65645096 Dr Mohan Krishna

9 Bed Patients Paralysis and aged

9849544533 / 9247021767

10 ASHRAY HOME Nursing Services for Aged/ Paralysis patients

9246244533 /  9849544533

11 Kirtana Foundation
Sagar Road, Hasthinapuram,

984954453 / 9247021767
Landlines: 24092811 / 24093100 (Anil Kumar)



13 ‘Assisted ‘ Home Care Services
Ameerpet Hyderabad

40068978 / 9848409206
Ms Parveen

14 SUSRUSHA - Care for the aged

Rajini Malladi - +91 92907 82518. Sri Lakshmi - +91 96189 42096 M.Vijaya Lakshmi - +91 9985436361

15 Alankrita Services

080-32491987, 080-65839333, 09845714101,
09972134544, 09738555006,

16 HOME NURSING & ELDERS HOME, Saket,  Hyderabad

8341378868 (Dr VIdysagar)

17 Home for the bedridden LB nagar Hyderabad

9704623000, 9704923000

18 Yellow Home Care Jubily Hills Hyderabad

40325555  Rajendra Prasad

19 Home Care Nursing Services BalamRai Secunderabad


20 Prashanti Home care Services


21 Sai Security Services, Ashok Nagar
Mr P S Reddy

040 - 27665030, 66785030
9395524440, 9395523000
040 – 66773035,

22 Manish Home Care Nursing Service, Secunderabad 500003


23 Indian Red Cross Society,
Himayathnagar, Hyderabad - 500029. 


24 Carewell  Services

24 Life circle Foundation
Chandanagar Hyderabad

40-40123826 / 8008417878

25 Help At Home
New Vasavi Nagar Colony,
Secunderabad - 500 010.

040-66207979 / 1800 108 8899

26 Manush Secunderabad

9010972939 / 9553079

Further details about these Home care Agencies are at:
Further details of above agencies  are given below in unstructured text format below also.

Following Organisations provide bedside assistants for HOME CARE of senior citizens (Info collected by Society for Serving Seniors, Secunderabad)

1. Gold Age Home Care Services
Contact Dr Koteswar Rao / Sri Prasant.
23449801 to 04
Backed by Shanthi Old Age Home & Nursing Home
Trained bedside assistants provided for Home care

a) Home based bed side assistant (ayah)
Day Shift 9.00am to Rs 4500 per month
Night Shift 8.00pm to 8.00 am Rs 4500 per month
Full time 24 Hrs 30 days a month : Rs 6600 per month ---
Accommodation & food to be provided.

b) Trained auxiliary Nurse Rs 200 per shift
24 hrs -- Rs 9000 per month Food & accommodation to be provided.

Background verified trustworthy persons are sent. Substitute sent. Anywhere in Hyderabad & AP.

2. Cedera Healthcare,
Ms. Hasna Alam
Cedara Healthcare Private Limited
Block. D, 203, Matrushree Appartment, Hyderguda
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh - 500 029 (India)
Phone : +(91)-(40)-66467000
E-mail :,

Company does not have any hospital or nursing home of its own where people are are provided care.

Trained bedside assistants provided for home care.

>> 8am to 8 pm shift (12 hrs) Rs 7500 per month
>> 8pm to 8 am shift (12 hrs) Rs 7500 per month
>> 24 hrs (two people) Rs 13500 per month

>> Purely casual -- on call basis -- Rs 300 per call per shift (12 hours) subject to availability

No food at customers cost. Transport/food etc given by company.

For all age groups. Nursing care, therapeutic care, physiotheraly, collection of samples for diagnostic tests etc. Equipment hire Oxygen cylinder Wheel Chair etc.

Started 18 months ago (Jan 2006?)

3. Heritage Hospital, Somajiguda, Hyderabad
Contact :  Ms Parveen GM

Provides Bedside asistants for Home Care

Geriatric hospital for Elders.
K R Gangadharan
Managing Director, Heritage Hospital
Director, Heritage Hospitality
Vice President-Asia, Board of Directors
International Federation on Ageing, Montreal Canada
Tel: 91 40 2337 9999 Fax: 91 40 2337 9207

4. Sri Sai NRI Old Age Home
Phones 65594170 / 93910 36931

Provide nursing care at old age home Also send ayahs for Home care / bedside assistants.

5) Serene Services
Old Age Home Healthy Food Temp stay permitted, Access to medical and nursing care. Home based help provided.

Phones 66615573 / 6661 4745

6) Assisted Living Bedside Assistant provided at home. 93965 20162 (Sunil)
Located in Kachiguda. Have 3/4 Ayahs.
Presently (March 2008) catering to 4 patients
Day shift 8.30 am  to 6.30 pm Rs 4500 per month  Nothing extra for transport or food. Started in July 2007. No night shift assistance as of now.

7) Shantamma memorial Od Age Home Next to BRM hospital near Raja Delux Theater in Mushirabad

Rs 3000 per person per month.
Rs 4000 in the  case od bed ridden patients.

bed ridden patients taken care of 24 hrs. ayah.
Home Service also available - negotiate possible to send bed side assistants to home care.
9247416884 / 93963 23099 (Paul)

8) Sai Old Age Home 60 Old Age inmates are in this OAH. They have about 14 Ayahs who are also sent for Homecare of bed ridden or immobile senior citizens. For 10 hour shift charges are Rs 9000/- Rs 1000 extra for registration (Enrollment). Contact Sri Venkatesh Gupta 9391036931

9) Sri Nidi Medical Services PadmarAo Nagar Secunderabad. Dr Mohan Krishna -- 65645095 / 65645096. Charges for 12 hours Rs 350 per day. Fully qualified auxiliary nurse. Nursing takes care of in horse bed ridden patients.

10 Physiotherapy Nursing Ayah care at your doorstep. 9849544533 / 9247021767. Bed Patients Paralysis and aged

11. ASHRAY HOME Nursing Services for Aged/ Paralysis patients, Physio, Nursing Aya and attender services, 24 hrs in your doorstep. Ph: 9246244533, 9849544533.

12. Contact in Chennai for Bedside asistants:

13. Resource person for facilities for seniors in Visakapatnam including bedside assistants

In case for any such requests if  information about facilities
available to elders and senior citizens in VISAKHAPANAM CTY is sought
they me be directed to refer me over phone 9848606440 or by email  will be able to give information and assist
them to some extant possible for me.


14.Kirtana Foundatation has an Seniors Home in LB Nagar.
Details are given below:

Contact Sri Anil Kumar 984954453 / 9247021767
Landlines: 24092811 / 24093100
Address: Plot 189 Zailla Parishad Road, Venkateswara Colony Sagar Road, Hasthinapuram, Hyderabad 500079

They have accommodation for 20 Old persons one block for normal persons and another block for sick and bed ridden.
They charge 2000 to 2500 for normal healthy persons and Rs 4000 to 5000 from bed ridden patients.

They also provide Ayahs for Home care. Charges Rs 5000 per shift. Day Shift: 9.00am to 6.00 pm. N0ght shift 7.00pm to 7.00am. Home care started three months ago. They have 25 Home Care Ayahs.

HYDERABAD, Andhra Pradesh
Bridgewell health care (P) Ltd took up the initiative to start up a comprehensive medical and diagnostic service at the door step of peoples …
Retirement & Assisted Living Facilities - Assisted Living Facilities - HOME CARE - Nursing Care Facilities

Nursing Help Line
9880530948 9945048138
Mangalore, Karnataka
…recover at home following a recent hospital stay, convalescent care, Old age, or a new diagnosis. Their expert knowledge includes acute and chronic …
HOME CARE - Nursing Care Facilities - Skilled Nursing - Aged Care

Ms Parveen may be contacted at:
‘Assisted ‘ Home Care Services
H. No 7/1/28/A/10,
Park Avenue Colony
P K Road, Ameerpet
Hyderabad 500 016
Ph; 040 40068978 / 9848409206

SUSRUSHA - Care for the aged at your doorstep

Rajini Malladi - +91 92907 82518
Sri Lakshmi - +91 96189 42096
M.Vijaya Lakshmi - +91 99854 36361
Prof. Rtn V Chaturvedi - +91 98493 98879 (VP in KIMS)
prof V chaturvedi <>
Alankrita Services
You can call us @- 080-32491987,080-65839333,09845714101,09972134544,09738555006,09738555007.
9:30 am to 6.30 pm every day in a week

TO DAY I VISITED A PLACE,  along with Mr.Vijayanad ...CALLED
situated at Plot No.154/1 in SAKET...Near ECIL.
It is being run by Dr.Vidya Sagar K.
He is charging Rs.5000/- per person including accommodation, food, etc. per month.
He has taken a building on lease, it seems.
He is maintaining very clean and hygienic.
The environment is good....which is far from pollution and nice...
He is very mingling type and answering every thing patiently.
Those who are interested may contact him  ...
Ph. Nos.
Mobile Nos.8341378868

"Home for the bedridden" - Ramakrishna Old age home and Home care services. 24-hour nursing care, beside aayas/attenders, physiotherapy services both at your home and in our old age home at L.B. Nagar, Hyderabad. Phone no.s:  9704623000, 9704923000
Yellow Home Care operate from Cauvery Hills (Jubily Hills area) in Hyderabad
They off offer bedside assistants on ad - hoc daily basis or on monthly basis.

They have trained bedside assistants, sourced from NGOs training
unemployed youth under IKP / MEPMA schemes.
Charges per day Rs 600 on adhoc basis.
Monthly one shift (10 hours) per month Rs 10000/- bedside assistant
Monthly one shift (10 hours) per month Nurse Rs 12000
Live - in arrangements are also possible.
They are two year old - serve about 50 clients presently.

Contact: (040) 40325555 (Mr GB Rajendra Prasad)
Sai Security Services, Ashok Nagar
Mr P S Reddy
040 - 27665030, 66785030
9395524440, 9395523000
040 - 66773035
House No 1-10-249/1, Nishitha Towers, Ashok Nagar, Himayath Nagar,
Hyderabad, - 500020

Indian Red Cross Society,
A.P.State Branch
# 3-6-212. Street No. 15,
Himayathnagar, Hyderabad - 500 029.
Phone :+9140 - 23221748
Fax :+9140 - 23261246
Email :
Website :

mahitha jonna <>

Types of caregivers: We have two types 

1.BSA (bed side assistance) who are trained and can perform activities like   Pt Hygiene,   sponging/ bathing  , Mouth Care/ Back Care,   Position Changing    ,Timely Feeding,  Prevention of Bedsores,Basic exercise for a bed ridden patient, Making some Tea/coffee/soups under guidance of the caregiver at first,Oral Medications,  Vitals Checking, Checking the sugar Levels / Administering Insulin,monitoring of catheter

2.Special Nurses who are ANM or GNMs:Are qualified sisters with Gnm ‘s and Anm’s under the Nursing Council Act. They can take care of any category of patient with any diagnosis.

BSA Shifts & Charges offered



No of Staff

Charges Per month

Paid Offs


8.30 to 6 pm



30 days


8 pm to 8 am



30 days

24 Hrs

8am to 8 am



30 days

Live in Care

Living care


11,000/-(Food & stay by the pt)

30 days

Special nurses Shifts & Charges offered



No of Staff

Charges Per Shift

Day to 8 pm




8 pm to 8 am



24 Hrs

8am to 8 am



Life  Circle Senior Services
101 Sri Sai Lakshmi R: handanagar, Hyderabad 500050
LL:  040- 40123826
M: 8008417878

Help At Home is a chain of branches in major cities.
They provide services of Home care assistants for the elderly (bedside

Help At Home
Plot No: 8, 2nd Floor, New Vasavi Nagar Colony,
Karkhana, Secunderabad - 500 010.
Phone:  040-66207979 / 1800 108 8899

Their services are targeted towards NRI children who pay the fee and
hence costly.
For instance, casual engagement of an assistant on daily basis would
cost   Rs 1685 per day.

26 Manush
Located near Begampet Police Station
Have some 40 Ayahs Nurses etc
Only Full time 24X7 at home care provided.
Rs 100000 to 12000 pm for Bed ridden patient care.
Food and accommodation to be  given

Bhoomesh 9553079000 / 9010972939