Dementia with an Emphasis on The Montessori Approach

Speakers: Dr. Praveen Kumar, Consultant Neurologist, KIMS Hospital, Mr. Greg MacDonald, Director of Elementary Training, AMI and Mr. Shashidhar K, Trustee, ARDSI Hyderabad.
Facilitator: Mr. Chaitanya
Date: 20th April, 2019
Place: Pragnya Montessori School, Hyderabad
Time: 10:00 A.M - 4:30 P.M

  • The program commenced at 10:00 AM and was attended by 60 individuals. 
  • The program was facilitated by Mr. Chaitanya and the session started with an introduction of the speakers for the day and the topics they'd be speaking about by Ms. UshaNaik. 
  • The workshop commenced with the lighting of the lamp by the speakers and other dignitaries present. 
  • Dr. Praveen Kumar, Consultant Neurologist, KIMS Hospital, gave a talk on Dementia and its Diagnosis. He spoke about the various types of Dementia, how they affect the brain and the individual as well as the respective diagnostic methods.
  • This was followed by Mr. Greg MacDonald, Director of Elementary Training, AMI, who introduced the Montessori Alzheimer's Project which was a flagship method of Dementia management through the Montessori approach developed by Dr. Maria Montessori.
  • He went on to speak about different treatment methods adopted by caregivers that had helped the individuals with Dementia and substantiated it with many real life cases.
  • It was concluded by Mr. Shashidhar K, Trustee, ARDSI Hyderabad, who spoke about Dementia Care services and the care-givers burdens. He also spoke about the importance of the stability of a care-giver and how its often trivialized and ignored by many.
  • A brief question-answer session followed where many participants asked questions about Dementia, care-giving, the importance of Montessori approach and prevention of Dementia.
  • The Workshop ended with the distribution of certificates for the participants and a vote of thanks followed by a token of appreciation presented to all the speakers.