Overview of dementia - and Asha Memory Clinic services

Topic: ‘Overview of dementia’ and Asha Memory Clinic services
Facilitator: Amulya Rajan, Saadiya Hurzuk, Shashi K
Date: 11th June, 2016
Place: Asha Hospitals, 
Time: 11.00 - 1:00 pm

  • The programme commenced at 11:00 am and was attended by close to 25 Caregivers and organising team from Asha Hospitals and ARDSI Hyderabad Deccan.
  • The caregiver's Meeting commenced with Ms. Amulya Rajan's talk on "Overview of Dementia', which covered in detail the symptoms, types of dementia, its prevalence, treatment plan and risk factors.
  • She concluded with different methods of delaying dementia and healthy ageing in general. It was an interactive talk and many caregivers participated in question answer session followed by her talk.
  • The second talk was delivered by Ms Saadiya Hurzuk on "Asha Memory Clinic services for people with Dementia and their caregivers". She spoke about the importance of Memory clinic and importance of Diagnosis of Dementia.
  • Further the talk highlighted on the services provided by Asha Memory Clinic and the services provided like Neuro-psychological assessments, counselling for person with dementia and their family carers.
  • She concluded the talk with importance of day care and services available at the Zeba Bashiruddin Centre for Healthy aging.
  • Mr Shashi addressed the audience regarding ARDSI and the services provided till date, he also highlighted on the collaboration of ARDSI and Asha Memory clinic to regularise the day care activities and run the centre 6 days a week for the same.
  • The session ended with Mr Shashi thanking the audience for attending the meeting and announcing that caregiver's meetings to be held every second Saturday of month at the same venue.