Date: 30th July 2016
Venue: ARDSI- daycare centre, Rd no 3 Banjara Hills
Time: 10.30- 1pm

On 30th July 2016, around 30 members including ARDSI- Hyderabad Deccan daycare members and families, Villa Marie college interns, IIIT interns and interns from other colleges, and ARDSI- Hyderabad Deccan staff gathered to pay respect to the Late Prof. Dr. Ramakrishnan. His wife, Mrs. Ramakrishnan had requested a session in his remembrance and this was scheduled to be held with the week's daycare session which was also his death anniversary.

The session commenced with the daycare members conducting their individual activities such as puzzles, drawing, playing caroms, jewellery making, sorting, singing and writing. Mrs Ramakrishnan interacted with the other caregivers present and shared her experiences of being a caregiver to Prof Ramakrishnan. A cathartic session followed where all the caregivers shared with one another the different challenges they were facing. This was followed by a group game-involving ball throwing while singing different songs in memory of Mr. Ramakrishnan, in which all the patients and some caregivers joined in.

A heartfelt speech about Prof Ramakrishnan written by his wife was then read
out by one of the Villa Marie college interns to the gathering. One of the caregivers, Mr. Krishnamurthy, shared his memories of spending time at the daycare centre several years ago with Mr. Ramakrishnan. After this, the group observed two minutes of silence.

This was followed by the distribution of light snacks and tea. The session ended with the singing of 'VandeMataram' and the Indian national anthem by the group.
Mrs. Ramakrishnan expressed her gratitude to the group, and her desire to visit the centre more often.